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Post-Fellowship Survey - Fellow

Harbor Freight Fellows
     Charlie Plant, Program Director      email:     phone:  401-741-8954

The Harbor Freight Fellows Program requests your help. Please complete the following survey based on the Fellowship you have been assigned to.  Required fields marked *


Question: Read each statement or question below. Think how you would rate yourself on a 1 to 10 scale.*
Rating: Select the number that best rates yourself for each statement (1 represents the lowest rating and 10 represents the highest rating).
Answer Required
1. I am punctual.
2. I demonstrate accuracy in this work.
3. I demonstrate safety in the workplace.
4. I am reliable.
5. I am trustworthy.
6. I have an accurate view of my skills.
7. I am able to listen carefully to colleagues and/or supervisors.
8. I am able to follow instructions.
9. I am able to manage my time effectively.
10. I am able to complete work tasks in a timely manner.
11. I am able to work effectively with team members.
12. I am able to communicate effectively.
13. I demonstrate initiative in the workplace (I am proactive).
14. I am resourceful in the workplace (I seek and find resources to solve problems).
15. I am attentive and focused in the workplace.
16. I demonstrate problem-solving skills (I know how to tackle a problem thoughtfully).
17. I demonstrate persistence in solving problems.
18. I am able to accept and implement feedback.
19. I am able to learn from my mistakes.
20. I am able to improve my performance.
21. I am flexible in handling the demands of the workplace.
22. I demonstrate commitment to this work.
23. I am able to network with peers and colleagues.

Answer the questions below in complete sentences or by selecting the choice that best matches how you feel or what you think.

24. I learned where to find new information about this trade:*
Answer Required
25. I pursue leads to information (e.g. websites, magazines, other tradespeople, etc.) that my mentor or co-workers provide:*
Answer Required
27. I stay focused on my tasks at my fellowship:*
Answer Required
29. I made connections with potential employers or customers while working at my fellowship:*
Answer Required
30. I interact with other workers in my field outside of the office/place of work:*
Answer Required
32. My mentor gave me advice on how to do things important to this work:*
Answer Required
33. My mentor provided me with information that I could not receive if I did not do this fellowship:*
Answer Required
34. My mentor provided me with experiences that I could not receive if I did not do this fellowship:*
Answer Required
35. I can trust my mentor:*
Answer Required
36. My mentor is easy to talk to:*
Answer Required
37. I can depend on my mentor for help at my fellowship:*
Answer Required
38. I feel comfortable at work:*
Answer Required
40. I learned a lot about the work required in this trade:*
Answer Required
41. I have enough skills to complete complex tasks at my fellowship:*
Answer Required
42. I have made improvements in my skill since I began this fellowship:*
Answer Required
47. I have a plan to improve my skills in my trade:*
Answer Required
48. I feel confident that I can succeed:*
Answer Required
49. I have knowledge about careers in my trade and the education required to enter and progress in the field:*
Answer Required
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