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Mid-Fellowship Survey - Fellows

Harbor Freight Fellows
     Charlie Plant, Program Director      email:     phone:  401-741-8954

The Harbor Freight Fellows Program requests your help. Please complete the following survey based on the Fellowship you have been assigned to.  Required fields marked *


Question: Read each statement or question below. Think how you would rate yourself on a 1 to 10 scale.*
Rating: Select the number that best rates yourself for each statement (1 represents the lowest rating and 10 represents the highest rating).
1. I am punctual.
2. I demonstrate accuracy in this work.
3. I demonstrate safety in the workplace.
4. I am reliable.
5. I am trustworthy.
6. I have an accurate view of my skills.
7. I am able to listen carefully to colleagues and/or supervisors.
8. I am able to follow instructions.
9. I am able to manage my time effectively.
10. I am able to complete work tasks in a timely manner.
11. I am able to work effectively with team members.
12. I am able to communicate effectively.
13. I demonstrate initiative in the workplace (I am proactive).
14. I am resourceful in the workplace (I seek and find resources to solve problems).
15. I am attentive and focused in the workplace.
16. I demonstrate problem-solving skills (I know how to tackle a problem thoughtfully).
17. I demonstrate persistence in solving problems.
18. I am able to accept and implement feedback.
19. I am able to learn from my mistakes.
20. I am able to improve my performance.
21. I am flexible in handling the demands of the workplace.
22. I demonstrate commitment to this work.
23. I am able to network with peers and colleagues.

Answer the questions below in complete sentences or by selecting the choice that best matches how you feel or what you think.

24. How many hours per week are you on site at your fellowship?*
25. How many hours per week do you spend with the fellowship mentor?*
26. At my fellowship, I work primarily:*
27. I am learning where to find new information about this trade:*
28. I pursue leads to information (e.g. websites, magazines, other tradespeople, etc.) that my mentor or co-workers provide:*
30. I stay focused on my tasks at my fellowship:*
32. I am making connections with potential employers or customers while working at my fellowship:*
33. I interact with other workers in my field outside of the office/place of work:*
35. My mentor gives me advice on how to do things important to this work:*
36. My mentor provides me with information that I could not receive if I did not do this fellowship:*
37. My mentor provides me with experiences that I could not receive if I did not do this fellowship:*
38. I can trust my mentor:*
39. My mentor is easy to talk to:*
40. I can depend on my mentor for help at my fellowship:*
41. I feel comfortable at work:*
43. I am learning a lot about the work required in this trade:*
44. I have enough skills to complete complex tasks at my fellowship:*
45. I have made improvements in my skill since I began this fellowship:*
50. I have a plan to improve my skills in my trade:*
51. I feel confident that I can succeed:*
52. I have knowledge about careers in my trade and the education required to enter and progress in the field:*
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