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Elliot's Blog 2/6/2018

“We’re looking for character, honor and integrity. We hire for heart. The rest we can teach.” John Wintersteller General Manager, Moore Heating and Air-conditioning


Charlie Plant has been honing his video making chops and in the process, charming the entire field of the skilled trades in his alter ego as Charlie Juju. I watched his videos of Harbor Freight Fellows, mentors, CTE teachers, advisors and company owners. They are great because they show the meshing of learning through interests, practice and relationships filmed in the places situated outside of school where the stakes are high. The rich data that has been collected here is what everyone should be collecting on all students in all schools and having it count. For us, there are few surprises here and this data is how we make the case that Big Picture practices are the bigger picture. It is not us saying what is important and what is learned, it is business owners, CTE teachers, mentors, and parents standing next to and with students. Everyone gets it that the WHAT and the WHO go together in a WHERE with the right timing that produces a rhythm. Now we have put the school system smack dab in the middle of the meshy business making the connections and engaging students. If you want to watch some of these videos go to -


Continuing on this theme of film, later in the week, I met with Kelly Candeale. Kelly directed and wrote the movie, A League of Their Own. It was about his mom and the baseball team she played on. His latest films are documentaries Heads, Hands and Hearts and 2nd Call are on the skilled trades. When I showed Kelly, Charlie’s videos not only was he taken back by the content but also by the quality of getting these pieces from an I-Phone. Some people would say it is the phone but I say it is the person using the phone. Once again. great job Charlie. The reason I showed Charlie’s videos to Kelly was because I was so moved by 2nd Call. It is about women and men from South Central becoming electricians after they spent 20 -35 years in prison. It is honest and moving on so many levels. I pitched the idea of a documentary on the Harbor Freight Fellows called 1st Call. This film will beg questions about engaging and bringing young people into productive adult communities of practice around their interests instead to the pull of gangs and the streets. As a system, we have done a lousy job on engaging students outside of school in productive ways. It is beyond shameful. 1st Call moves us in the right direction. It shows that attention must be seriously paid early on to the interests, hopes and dreams of every student.


Elliot Washor,Ed.D.