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Elliot's Blog 2/23/2018


Last week on my Travels with Charlie, he brought me to the Yolo County Office of Education where we met Pascal Marquez and Manolo Jaurequi at a new facility designed for a school that has their mechanics and fabrication business as the main floor of the school. It is not off to the side, not down in the basement but the main floor. What does that say? The space was amazing but more importantly, these two men were amazing Manolo was Pascal’s student many years ago and Pascal remains his mentor. They ran a business and non-profit in the Woodland/Sacramento area developing young mechanics and fabricators through their work. Now the County Office partnered with them in this beautiful new place that we allow their students talents, brilliance and creativity to shine through instead of being marginalized.


In this photo, Manolo is beside bicycles fabricated by young women and men in a campaign to give these tricycles to young people with disabilities. It is often overlooked just how much tradespeople give back to the general society for the greater good. This is a wonderful example of the civic value they bring with their skills.


Navigating Our Way’s soft release is doing very well. Lots of tweets from the quotes. Next week we roll-out the micro website. I saw a preview. It is beautiful. We will learn a great deal from this site. An event at FableVision is being planned as a launch.


Elliot Washor,Ed.D.