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Documentation Check List

Below is a thumbnail guide to the documents and documentation tools required for the Fellowship. Our goal is to collect data around the effectiveness of the program as a tool to encourage greater use of real world work for youth for whom the trades are a chosen life path. All documents are available on the website, and should be submitted through the website.  Click on the links below to go to the documents.
Application Process Documents
Fellows Application    
Initiating a Fellowship
Fellowship Agreement Fellowship Agreement Fellowship Agreement
IRS Form W-9 IRS Form W-9 IRS Form W-9
Media Release Media Release Media Release
Pre-Fellowship Survey Submit Head-Shot of Fellow  
Pre-Fellowship Life Long Work Plan    
Monitoring/Supporting Fellowship
ImBlaze ImBlaze ImBlaze
Notebook Mid-Fellowship Survey Mid-Fellowship Survey
Mid-Fellowship Survey Photos/Video of Fellow & Mentor at Site  
Post-Fellowship Survey Post-Fellowship Survey Post-Fellowship Survey
Post-Fellowship Work Plan