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Research & Evidence: American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) in Charleston, S.C.

Feature article on ACBA's work with This Old House and our professors!

Charleston Home + Design Magazine: Spring 2018 



For the First Time in 3 Seasons This Old House Films in Charleston with Stars Kevin O'Connor and Tom Silva (on page 122)

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The New Education — Chisels, Hammers, Saws and Dickens

The institution is the American College of the Building Arts. Its mission is not to create entrepreneurs, but to meld together trade crafts and liberal arts.

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A Class by Itself


Mallet, trowel, hammer, chisel. At Charleston’s American College of the Building Arts, the country’s only four-year school dedicated to traditional trades, these are the tools students wield—not only to preserve the past, but also to bring craft back to everyday architecture.

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Learn a Trade, Study Liberal Arts at Tiny, One-Stop College

...while learning their specialties for years, the students still get a traditional liberal arts education. This includes math, science, literature, philosophy, foreign language, drawing and drafting, and business management.

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ACBA reaches out to restore some of Charleston's oldest grave markers

Of course, not every caretaker of a historic cemetery is able to get volunteer help from a building arts college just a few miles up the street.

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