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Elliot's Blog 3/17/2018


This was a social media week for me. Mojo and my article came out in Getting Smart and first off I want to thank everyone who tweeted it out. Special thanks to Tom Vander Ark and Erik Day who got the article out so quickly and did such a nice job on the presentation. If you haven’t read it, here it is – Let’s keep pushing on how new forms of outside of school assessments get inside of school assessments better.


Charlie Juju and I spent 3 hours with the Harbor Freight Tools Foundation group. We learned quite a bit from them and the connections we are constantly making through them to some amazing CTE people out there that are really helping to move us in our own Harbor Freight Fellows work. 


"We had taken up aeronautics merely as a sport. We reluctantly entered upon the scientific side of it. But we soon found the work so fascinating that we were drawn into it deeper and deeper." Wilbur Wright


Lots and lots goes on in so many small shops around the world. My interests have rarely been with projects but more with tinkering in all kinds of shops, labs and places where people are hanging out, like what they are doing and like who they are with. The development of flight was so much about tinkering and developing a non-project managed project that was a passion of both brothers. Lots of success through failure here and lots of non-linear work that leads to loads of failures and successes over a lifetime where you are the work and the work is you. Why is it that we don’t do tinkering in schools and instead just do project-based learning? IS this still just time on task nonsense. Why is everything managed? This is not the only way to accomplishments and lead fulfilling lives. “As mastery is foregrounded the clock recedes.” Mike Rose 


Years ago, I developed something called the Aesthetics of Relationships. It was written up in a Horace.

What is the aesthetics of relationships?

  • There is sophisticated and nuanced language used between peer to peer and young person to adult.
  • There are objects that both find interesting and that both are trying to understand more about themselves through the objects.
  • There is a sense of trust and respect. There is give and take.
  • Parents, advisors/teachers, mentors all know one another through the student’s work.


To go along with Dennis’ TGIF, I have one John Wooden quote to add for March Madness

“If I am through learning, I am through. John Wooden

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Go Ireland for the Six Nations Championship.


 Elliot Washor,Ed.D.

Co-founder Big Picture Learning


Evidence That Makes it Evident: Improving Assessment by Emulating the Trades

By: Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski. The expanded vision of the graduate has widened the gap between the competencies educators want for all graduates, and the evidence of competence educators are actually collecting. Here's one way we can begin to change that.