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Elliot's TGIF (3/30/2019)

From El – Are you with me now?


There is absolutely no chance for a word ever to express anything. As soon as we start putting our thoughts into words and sentences, everything goes wrong.” Marcel Duchamp


Every year the Deeper Learning Conference addresses and embraces issues of equity and the spirit in more poignant and sustaining ways. Both keynote speaker Chris Emdin in pushing everyone on Pentecostal Pedagogy and all that goes along with it as DEEPER LEARNING and Speech from Arrested Development set the stage and the tone for the gathering. It was a great way to start. When MC Michelle got up and stated, that we are not having all those norms and protocols anymore and there would be only one: Seek to Understand, it was music to my ears.


Our Harbor Freight Deep Dive at the Deeper Learning Conference had Charlie, HFF Victor and his advisor Dana engage participants in what makes for a fulfilling life. After the groups came up with the outcomes for a fulfilling life, we discussed what we measure in school. As usual in our dives, first you make and then you talk about what you made. It was a great activity and the people at the Dive produced some really nice collective interpretations for a fulfilling life.


Harbor Freight Fellow Victor and Advisor Dana were a dynamic duo. Both full of enthusiasm about the elevation of trades that is full of a much vim, vigor and verve as any academic work done in school.


Our Leaving to Learn segment was arranged by CP and it was a real eye-opener. We went to the The Electrical Training Institute in San Diego - There are hundreds of these centers around the country. Basically, once you are 17 you can apply to get admitted. There are no cutoffs like Algebra 2 that eliminate anyone. Once accepted, you are paid to go to school, $17 - $21 an hour take home plus benefits. After a year, you are making $40K and after your four years you are making between $60-$70k with no debt and also ending up with 30 credits from college for the courses you took because you are dually enrolled. If being an electrical worker is where your interests lie, this is a way to generational wealth and a fulfilling life. Here you are part of a community, have your medical benefits, like what you do, and have friends and services in place that support you through your ups and downs. The people there were just great and they were happy to be part of this community. What more can I say except, schools keep missing the boat on exposing options to our students that are not college bound options. This holds especially true around race and gender where although recruited both people of color and women are underrepresented in these occupations.


Finally, it is important to note that at a Deeper Learning Conference, we were the only Deep Dive that addressed non-college bound options that led to a more fulfilling life and equitable world. What’s that about?


Next week, I will be down in New Orleans for three days at New Harmony and then the week after head to the movies with Sylvie and Seymour in Boston and for Danique’s and Mel’s capstone presentations.