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Elliot's TGIF (6/7/2019)

From El – Are you with me now? AJ Ryder


Reform the environment; stop trying to reform people. They will reform themselves if the environment is right”.

Bucky Fuller


Our Harbor Freight work gets Fellows out corresponding with people and objects in situated learning environments. It is a fine entanglement. This week the environment for one of our Fellows was bit different. HFF Fernando Perez-Hernandez and his mentor/teacher Pascual Marquez were not in the shop or the school. They were major contributors at the Education Reimagined meeting. When the group was in the midst of a debate about academic content, Fernando’s story elevated students in the trades as thoughtful, intelligent and doing work just as rigorous as anything academic. There is still lots of stigma around undervaluing the knowledge and skills we have in our bodies but Fernando opened up their eyes a bit more. It was Charlie Plant who made the push to get Fernando and Pascual invited to the conference that took place at the Denver Children’s Museum. Fernando and Pascual represent a large segment of students and staff not often at these meetings. Also, this week while we were in Denver, Charlie and I had a meeting with Scott Springer from Harbor Freight Tools for Schools. We showed him our new HFF presentation that was developed by us and ALN. Scott thought it was great. He also set up a meeting for us with Stacy Miller, director of CTE in Denver that is now leading to further talks about HFF’s and ImBlaze.


“They realize they should not bind participants in the new community to any practice, no matter how desirable it may appear in advance.”

Dee Hock Birth of the Chaordic Age,


At this Education Reimagined second meeting, the assembled group is still up in the air about what their there is around substance and process. Many of us are bringing up issues of equity that we feel are still not being addressed strongly enough. With one more meeting to go and everyone still in the mix, I’m remaining hopeful. As always, the 1:1 meetings after the meeting add loads of richness to the gatherings and for that I’m really grateful that such a great team of people was assembled from Michelle Culver doing TFA work to reconnecting with Nora Flood at Wend Ventures and Larry Leverett who moved the group to higher ground.


Next week, I’m back in California with our group from Kauai going to SMASH, Odyssey and New Village.  Then, off to the UK in working with the UKBPL board and staff.


Enjoy the weekend!