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Elliot's Blog 2020-02-08

Attached are some photos of our now Harbor Freight Senior Fellows Stephanie Carew and Ashley Magnus in action. We will be doing a podcast with Ashley and short video documentary with Stephanie. Also, I had a call with Juan Huertas, one of our students from the first class of The Met. Juan is now 39 years old and is journeyman carpenter. He loves what he does. His wife Monica also, a Met graduate is a social worker. His sister, Ali also, a Met graduate is on her way to becoming a lawyer. Juan and Monica have four children. They own a home in Washington Park. Monica ran for a councilman seat. Juan is going to be representing Harbor Freight Fellows by talking to high school students about the HFF program.


Iā€™m happy our former students are helping us reach and talk to other students through their stories and images about their lives. Our connections to our vast network of alumni is powerful. How much support can we get from our alums given that they went to BPL schools and want to give back? Our new platform Alumni Tool Kit will reveal lots more ways to strengthen those bonds.


Ashley Magnus - Certified Elevator Constructor
Stephanie Carew - Certified Welder