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Elliot's Blog (6/7/2019)

From El – Are you with me now? AJ Ryder


Reform the environment; stop trying to reform people. They will reform themselves if the environment is right”. Bucky Fuller


Our Harbor Freight work gets Fellows out corresponding with people and objects in situated learning environments. It is a fine entanglement. This week the environment for one of our Fellows was bit different. HFF Fernando Perez-Hernandez and his mentor/teacher Pascual Marquez were not in the shop or the school. They were major contributors at the Education Reimagined meeting. When the group was in the midst of a debate about academic content, Fernando’s story elevated students in the trades as thoughtful, intelligent and doing work just as rigorous as anything academic. Read more...

Research & Evidence


For many anthropologists, their work involves delving into obscure corners of humanity’s past; for Trevor Marchand, a Canadian-born anthropology professor in England, the field offered him a way to look into the work of living master artisans, identifying what it took to build their skills, and why such difficult, physical work still matters.


“I think it’s extremely important,” he says, “for the general public to understand the diversity of knowledge that goes into producing something with the body.” Marchand, a former architect, has now spent his career parsing, identifying, and describing every layer of that knowledge base. For the past 17 years, he has been teaching classes on this topic as a professor of anthropology at London’s prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies.  More HERE...