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Elliot Washor logoElliot's Blog (September 27, 2019)

Are you with me now? - AJ Ryder

For my Sunday reading pleasure, Frank Wilson sent along an article in the NY Times about the 737 crashes - article was a pretty thorough reporting of so many of the problems with the airline industry from the training of pilots, to the maintenance of planes and finally, the regulations round flying. One of the people on the email who responded was Ed Tenner. I know Ed from a book he wrote years ago called, Why Things Break: Understanding the World By the Way it Comes Apart? His response was something to note for all of us around the kind of organization we want to be. In Ed’s opinion Boeing’s switch from a Deep organization to a Flexible one had lots to do with it.  READ MORE...

Navigating Our Way Posters Now Available... HERE
Navigating Our Way Posters Now Available HERE