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The Mid-Fellowship Surveys are no longer required to be
submitted as part of the Harbor Freight Fellowship program


Elliot's Blog 2020-02-08

I’m happy our former students are helping us reach and talk to other students through their stories and images about their lives. Our connections to our vast network of alumni is powerful.  READ MORE HERE...




According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 37% of currently employed college grads are doing work for which only a high school degree is required.

The Apprenticeship Ambivalence


America’s changing landscape, in both school and work, increasingly needs a sound system of apprenticing. Yet many of us cannot see that a period of formal apprenticeship might make more sense than four years of college. Here’s why.


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On The Front Burner

College and Career Readiness

We interview Elliot Washer of Big Picture Learning and Hamish Gray a Senior Vice President of Keysight Technologies.


Preparing students and young people for their future can be very different than many educators and adults realize today.


On The Fron Burner

Ashley being sworn into the union
Former The Met High School student Ashley Magnus emailed Big Picture Learning's Elliot Washor this photo of her being sworn into the International Union of Elevator Constructors. Ashley is a Harbor Freight Fellow - this is one of the most dangerous union trades and she is one of only two Oregon women in the IUEC.

Congratulations, Ashley, from all of us at Harbor Freight Fellows and Big Picture Learning!

In Appalachia, Crafting a Road to Recovery With Dulcimer Strings
The New York Times, January 3, 2020 - In Kentucky, where music is the lifeblood, an apprentice program run by luthiers provides meaningful jobs and helps remove the stigma of opioid addiction.
kentucky pond
HINDMAN, KY. — The heritage of handcrafted stringed instruments runs deep in this tiny Appalachian village (pop. 770) stretched along the banks of Troublesome Creek. The community has been known as the homeplace of the mountain dulcimer ever since a revered maker, James Edward (“Uncle Ed”) Thomas, pushed a cartload of angelic-sounding dulcimers up and down the creek roads, keeping a chair handy to play tunes for passers-by.  READ MORE HERE...
Andrew and I were together all week with a touchdown from Carlos on Monday. We started off in San Diego at a meeting with BPL board member Gary Kraut about Alumni Toolkit. Then, next morning Andrew, Gary and I had a meeting at UCSD with CREATE - “an organization that collaborates with campus and community partners to create equitable, innovative opportunities for student college/career preparation – and educator professional learning.”  READ MORE HERE...
Weld like a girl: a milleniall woman's success in a man's world
Navigating Our Way Posters Now Available HERE