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Welcome - Charlie's Blog - January 27, 2019

Welcome from Charlie Plant
Harbor Freight Fellows is working on a couple levels in a variety of cities - Davis Ca., Indianapolis, and San Diego to name but a few.  We're having a conversation with a union apprentice program, with the National Association of Women in Construction, and the school districts about how to partner to bring apprenticing experiences to their youth.
Most high schools phased out their shop classes over the past thirty to forty years.  If indeed they retained any vocational hands on work for students it was most likely their auto shop - always a student demand to work on cars.  So working with CTE programs at many high schools and districts means getting a pilot going in their auto shops.  We started wth two kids at Davis HS auto shop last year.  The instructor, Rob Thayer, said it transformed the kids - self confidence, skills, attitude, attendance.  This spring he is working with us to get every one of his seniors out into placements, 20 kids.
I'm attaching three short videos - two Fellows from Arsenal Technical HS in Indianapolis - and of a mentor, two Fellows to be, and internship coordinator Robert Fung from San Diego Met School. Arsenal Tech was built in the 30's - gigantic 7,000 student high school - a college campus really - but only 3,000 enrollment now, and only 2,500 actually show up. But they still have a core CTE program, which like Davis' emphasizes auto shop at this point.  Our next move is to heavily recruit kids in the construction trades by working with the Pathways and CTE directors of the districts.
Angel Flores - Arsenal Technical High School 
Ramses Camargo - Arsenal Technical High School
Mark , Caleb, Erik and Robert Fung - San Diego MET High School
In San Diego, we are working with the sheet metal workers union to figure out how to partner our program with theirs.  It can be a model for us to crack the tightly held union apprentice programs for our kids - very important.  And Robert Fung is helping to take HF district wide - met with the district's CTE director and he is totally on board. 
This is the first in what I hope to be frequent updates about this work. Hope you enjoy the videos, the kids are so cool . . . . . . .  Charlie