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HFFI Corona Virus Disruption Plan

We at Big Picture Learning recognize that the quickly evolving nature of circumstances related to COVID-19 require flexibility and our coming together to support our students and Fellows. We are available to brainstorm solutions specific to your school's circumstance at any time, and we have developed some options for continuing Harbor Freight Fellowships in light of some restrictions you may be facing.


Your health and safety are our number one priority. Please follow local guidelines and your own personal barometer to determine what is in yours and students’ best interest while this situation evolves and, hopefully, stabilizes. The following are options available to Fellows if they are unable to continue at their mentor’s site:


  • If circumstances require a fellowship to stop indefinitely, we can support a pro-rated distribution of funds based on work completed to this point. A form to apply for pro-rated funds for a Fellows, Advisors and Mentors can be found under “Documents to Submit” on the website (also below).

  • Fellowships can be resumed at a later date when appropriate.


That being said, there are a number of ways to continue Fellowships to completion in order to earn the full scholarship and stipends:


  • A Fellowship may be able to continue in a modified form. Let’s think creatively! Here are a few ideas for Fellows to continue their development in the trade of their choice if they are no longer able to work with their mentor on site:

    • Online certifications

    • Community College Classes

    • You Tube tutorials etc

    • Community volunteering using their skills

    • Documenting work on personal projects

    • Working with family members, neighbors

    • Work needed at the school itself (if open)

    • Collaborating with other students


The key factor in any such plan will be the engaged guidance of an adult, serving as the “mentor” for the Fellow. This may be the Fellow’s original mentor if possible, a school staff member, family member, neighbor etc.


A form to apply for a modified Fellowship plan can be found under “Documents to Submit” on the website (also below).


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Regional Coordinator, or Charlie Plant, program director.