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  • 3:34 Blake Cherry, Machine Operator at Knit Rite, Inc., Hamlet, NC

    Mentor Nathan Seethaler & Fellow Blake Cherry talk about their experience, while Blake shows off the knitting machines at Knit Rite.

    Uploaded Nov 07, 2019by Rich Smith
  • 1:50 Fernando in Denver

    The third is a video of Fellow Fernando Hernandez, from Yolo County Career Academy in Woodland Ca. presenting results of his group's thinking around educational outcomes at a convening of Education ReImagined in Denver this past week. Fernando was a checked out kid - hoodie and earplugs, head down, expelled from his high school. That's how he got to Yolo Career Academy - and he is so brilliant, such a good young man. His mentor, and being engaged in something he loves, and keeps getting better at, has allowed him to flourish.

    Uploaded Jun 25, 2019 to Charlie Plant's Blogs
  • The Intelligent Hand

    Trevor Marchand -- an anthropologist who has spent years studying traditional artisans in the Middle East and Africa -- brings us a thought-provoking documentary short about aspiring woodworkers at the Building Crafts College in East London.

    Uploaded Jun 09, 2019
  • 5:27 Navigating Our Way

    Directed by Big Picture Learning's Elliot Washor and chosen to be in the Boston International Film Festival! Meet Seymour and Sylvie – two youths who grow up loving the New Orleans’ harbor – its big ships, the sounds of the water, and the endless potential that lay ahead of them. As Seymour and Sylvie grow up, they learn about and opt for two different pathways through learning and life. Neither better – just different! Follow their two paths – and see how they lead them back to the place they grew up together. Navigating Our Way – presented by Big Picture Learning ( and FableVision ( and narrated by Wendell Pierce.

    Uploaded Mar 14, 2019
  • 3:49 Week 2 - New Orlleans

    Uploaded Feb 02, 2019 to Charlie Plant's Blogs

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