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Elliot's TGIF 2020-07-10

“Are you with me now?” AJ Ryder


The Miseducation of Education


Our Harbor Freight Fellows sessions at Summerfest featuring our Fellows Julie Torres, Fiona Nelson and Rakau Rocky Boikanyo were just amazing. Julie and Fiona were captivating. We went from building Tiny Homes to airplane maintenance in hangers to a metal shop in Oakland. People stayed long after the sessions were over. Rocky’s session included a live tour of the shop where he and his mentor Brian work. Rocky took out some of his metal art and a discussion ensued on where crafts, art and trades merge. In all of these conversations and demonstrations, it was apparent that our Fellows and mentors use of language can only come from having done and knowing how to do work well. That’s what tacit learning can educate the system on. In our development, grasping can precede and forms language but in schools that is rarely the case. When Rocky talked about cold forging you knew he knew what he was talking about. There is a nuance and feel you get from someone who really knows. Another important point around how our education system is miseducation is when Brian Enright, Rocky’s mentor spoke so eloquently about being a mentor: “To be a mentor you want those you are teaching to become better than yourself.” This is the difference between working for someone and working with someone. The system misses that one by a mile.


In between these sessions, Charlie and I were working on developing system-wide work for Harbor Freight Fellows in

Minnesota, North and South Carolina, NH, WA. Crishell Bass and Kurt Holland are on their way to making in-roads in states and districts that move funding around to harness changes in CTE that reflect our HFF measures and practices.


On the Project InSight front Andrea and Casey were busy with teams of students working on a Design Challenge for the Wayfinders organization on a real-world problem for Project InSight. This work serves as a gateway into the world of low vision and visual impairment. Also, next week, students from our schools will be demonstrating how to do all sorts of eye exams using apps. This now places the exam room in homes and communities. I was on of their practice patients this week.


Next week, Paul and I will be running a Jam Session that will introduce our BPL Well-being app. Students will be doing workshops on sleep, healthy eating and fitness. Here’s the url to get in - https://bigpicture.zoom.us/my/summerfest

on Tuesday the 14th at 10 am PST. Rocio is doing the meal prep with Paul. Marlene has put together a wonderful video on sleep and Honey will be running us through a fitness routine. These will be the first of many student-driven sessions put up on the new website that will be named by students.


As a preview here’s Marlene’s video on sleep.


Below are some of the great on-going sessions our students across all of our schools internationally are doing. I have been sitting in on these and they are producing some great products. All student-driven. Thanks Freddie V for your vision of student-driven international work.










There’s so much happening with Summerfest and I’m having a blast now getting ready for WEEK 2:

The release of Get Real! our graphic novel will be at the FableVision session on July 13th at 1 Pm PST;

The set of Jam Sessions for Harbor Freight Fellows and Project InSight;

And, the Jam Session on the Well-being website and app with Paul’s students from Odyssey.



Be well!

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