Fellowship Nomination

The strongest candidates to become Fellows are those students who have evidence of their interest in and commitment to pursuing a trade after high school. Such experience can be CTE courses, independent work at home or in the community with family or community members, part-time jobs, etc. Advisors of these students should encourage youth to consider applying for a Harbor Freight Fellowship.

An Advisor is a trusted adult who can support the youth in the application, participation,and culmination of the Fellowship. An Advisor is often a teacher or counselor, but Advisors can be any adult who agrees to help the youth manage participation in this experience. Advisors do not need expertise in the professional area the youth is investigating. Advisors do need to believe in the youth’s capacity and enthusiastically support the deep pursuit of authentic interest. By nominating a youth for the Fellowship, the adult agrees to act as an Advisor for that student’s fellowship.


The Nomination Form is available below. Once a youth is nominated they are evaluated. If qualified, they are emailed a link to complete and submit the Application.

Nomination Criteria

  • This Fellowship is designed for youth for whom a skilled trade is their chosen and appropriate post-secondary path.

  • The strongest candidates will not only have a deep interest in a trade, but also evidence of that commitment such as CTE courses, part time jobs, independent projects, work with family members, neighbors or community.

  • The program is best suited for seniors in high school, however exceptionally well qualified juniors will be considered.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the nominated Fellow’s Application and enrollment.

  • Facilitate an in-person Fellowship set up meeting with the Fellow and Mentor to review roles and responsibilities, goals, and timeline for the Fellowship.

  • Ensure all required documents are submitted by Advisor, Fellow, and Mentor including at least two photos of the Fellow and Mentor working together.

  • Regular communication with Fellowship Mentor and Harbor Freight Fellows coordinator.

In the event the Nominator is not going to serve as the Advisor, the Nominator must agree to convey the details of the Advisor responsibilities to the person serving as the actual Advisor.

Benefits of a Fellowship

Research shows completing a Fellowship with a Mentor and an Advisor leads to:

  • Future career opportunities

  • Stipends

  • Resume building

  • Social capital building

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