For Advisors (Teachers)

The Advisor is a trusted adult who can support the youth in the application, participation,and culmination of the Fellowship. An Advisor is often a teacher or counselor, but Advisors can be any adult who agrees to help the youth manage participation in this experience. Advisors do not need expertise in the professional area the youth is investigating. Advisors do need to believe in the youth’s capacity and enthusiastically support the deep pursuit of authentic interest.

The first role for the Advisors is to nominate the student to become a Fellow, described on the Fellowship Nomination page. When an applicant is accepted they are requested to submit additional forms including the ​Pre-Fellowship Work Plan​, ​W-9 Form​ and ​Media Release Form​, ​which should be submitted within one week. ​Both the Advisor and Mentor also must submit the W-9 Form​ and ​Media Release Form at the beginning of the Fellowship (unless they have previously submitted these documents). The Advisor is responsible for ensuring that all documents are submitted.

Please note that the 120 hours for the Fellowship does not officially start until ​all​ the preliminary documents are successfully submitted, including the Fellowship Agreement.

Finding A Mentor


The Fellow should work with the Advisor to find an appropriate Mentor. A Mentor may be a known contact to the Advisor, school community, or within a student’s personal network. A Mentor may also be someone the Fellow and Advisor are meeting for the first time. Some suggested steps for finding a new mentor are:

  1. Research​ local professionals and organizations who employ professionals in the field of interest. Schools using ImBlaze may already have identified willing or prospective Mentors in a field of interest. Be creative. It may be a challenge, for example, for a minor to secure an internship working on a large construction job site, but a small local contractor would be willing and happy to mentor a Fellow. A large manufacturing plant may be hesitant to allow students to work with heavy machinery, but local machine shops or auto repair shops are good places to try.

  2. Request an ​informational ​​interview​ with prospective Mentors. A Fellow and Mentor should share similar interests and show potential for a strong working relationship. In most circumstances, a student will need to meet several prospective Mentors before finding the right fit. Advisors can support students in making cold calls, preparing for informational interviews, and sending follow-up thank-you emails.

  3. If an informational interview shows promise, you may want to request a ​shadow day​ with the mentor to understand the daily realities of that mentor’s workplace. Fellowships have a greater likelihood of successful completion if the Fellow has a genuine understanding of what the Mentor does all day prior to committing to 120 hours of working together.

  4. Propose the ​Fellowship​ to the Mentor. By this time, the Fellow and prospective Mentor should have a relationship that allows for discussion of further work together. Fellows should remain persistent if their first requests cannot accommodate a full Fellowship. Remember, the prospective Mentor is a member of a professional community. If the Fellow has made a good impression, a request for referrals to other potential Mentors will likely result in additional leads. Finding a Mentor is a process.

Set-Up Meeting


The Fellow, Advisor, and Mentor meet to discuss the terms of the Fellowship and complete the Fellowship Agreement. At this meeting, the ​Harbor Freight Fellowship Agreement​ is used to set goals, expectations and exchange logistics (e.g., scheduling and means for communication). If necessary, an ImBlaze demo can be arranged to facilitate the use of that tool for tracking and attendance of the Fellowship.

Advisor's Documents
  • Nomination Form - Available HERE.

  • W-9 Form - This form is required for the stipend to be paid to the Advisor.

  • Media Release Form - This form is required to allow us to take photos & video of the Advisor to be used on this website and in related media.

Note: Please complete your W-9 Form & Media Release Form at the beginning of the Fellowship. You do not have to submit these forms if you have previously submitted these forms unless there is a change to the information on the form.

  • Fellowship Agreement - This form is completed by the Fellow, Advisor and Mentor before the Fellowship can begin, after consulting with the Regional Coordinator.

  • Post-Fellowship Survey - Includes evaluation before and after the Fellowship.

  • Also please note that at least 2 site visits and several photos of the Fellow & Mentor working together are required.


The Fellow uses the ImBlaze app for each check-in and check-out of the Fellowship. ImBlaze logs hours and captures real-time data on student goals, learning, and interest in the Fellowship. The Advisor will monitor ImBlaze each day the Fellow is at the Fellowship Site, and the Mentor will verify attendance and provide brief feedback. The Advisor checks in weekly to support the Fellow in reflecting upon and navigating the Fellowship. The Advisor conducts at least 2 site visits during the Fellowship and submits several photos of the Mentor and Fellow working together, and video if possible, for use on the website and in social media. At or near the end of the Fellowship the Fellow, Mentor and Advisor will each submit the Post-Fellowship Survey​ that include evaluations for the Fellow’s progress and performance during the Fellowship. The Fellow also submits the ​Post-Fellowship Work Plan​.

Wrap-Up and Reflect


The Advisor supports the Fellow and the Mentor in completing the Post-Fellowship Surveys and Work-Plan. A presentation including a formal reflection on the experience, a celebration, and sharing gratitude are all encouraged. Scholarships and stipends will be distributed upon the receipt of final documentation for the Fellowship.

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