Navigating Our Way

Navigating Our Way is a leading, national initiative committed to changing how society values career and technical education and the skilled trades, so all students may follow their interests and pursue their passions.

Through cultivating and supporting learning environments that emphasize serious and deliberate practice in school, mentoring at internship sites, and apprenticing, Navigating Our Way gives students a strong sense of identity, confidence, and purpose—no matter their path.




What if bored, disengaged students had a magical app to change school to be something engaging, meaningful and truly helpful in navigating their way to success?

Find out in Get Real!—the all-new graphic novel designed to show what interest-based, mentor-supported REAL world learning looks like.

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The Vision

  • We imagine a day when the stigma around the trades has vanished, and all educational pathways are appreciated and properly resourced. 

  • We envision an educational system that prioritizes the student’s interests to help them navigate successful personal and professional journeys.

  • We hope for an end to the “college-for-all” mindset, which leads many young people into an academic pathway that often results in few skills and crippling debt. 

  • We are excited by a growing movement of kindred spirits who have embraced more creative and effective models of learning for students looking to pursue their interests.

  • We know that one day, if we take corrective measures, we will successfully tackle today’s alarming gap of skilled workers, ensuring a vibrant U.S. economy dependent on this critical workforce.


“Many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not - because the thing they were good at at schools wasn’t valued, or was actually stigmatized.” — Sir Ken Robinson


Navigating Our Way

Meet Seymour and Sylvie – two youth who grow up loving the New Orleans’ harbor – its big ships, the sounds of the water, and the endless potential that lay ahead of them. As Seymour and Sylvie grow up, they learn about and opt for two different pathways through learning and life. Neither better – just different! Follow their two paths – and see how they lead them back to the place they grew up together. Navigating Our Way – presented by Big Picture Learning ( and FableVision ( and narrated by Wendell Pierce.

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