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At Big Picture Learning, it is our vision that all students live happy and successful lives of their own design -- in their education, careers, and civic experiences -- supported by learner-centered communities, caring mentors, strong inter-personal relationships, and equitable opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. And for over 20 years, we have worked with schools and communities across the country and the world to rethink and reimagine education and schools in ways that ensure that this vision can come to fruition. 

Screenshot_2020-08-24 Career Internships

Project InSight supports the growth of student opportunity to pursue authentic interests in real-world settings under the guidance of professional mentors in fields related to eye health, vision care, and working with visually impaired populations. 


ImBlaze is a powerful platform that enables schools to curate a set of internships for students to request to pursue. Schools can monitor the search process, track internship attendance and ensure compliance, and ensure student success.

Students can easily search for internships and log attendance on any iOS or Android device.

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