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Harbor Freight Fellow Spotlight: Jasper's Dream Jeep

"My name is Jasper, I’m 16, and I’d like to send out a message of hope to wish kids whose wishes have been put on hold.." ~ Jasper

A four-wheel enthusiast himself, Jasper understands that while he can’t walk a mile in a local wish kid’s shoes while battling a critical illness, he can build hope for them through his Wish Jeep creation.

Jasper has been restoring his own Jeep for nearly four years. And after realizing that he had enough parts to begin building a second one, he decided to use his second set of wheels to Wish It Forward!

Even at a young age, Jasper has grown up building cars and was eager to take on the challenge of a project that would not only build his confidence, but also directly impact a child in need to help build the strength they deserve for a hopeful future. Jasper pictured here with his own JeepAs most can imagine, the project was no easy feat. From discovering a rusty, rotted body frame that needed to be completely redone, to rebuilding the motor, and all while trying to raise money to help fund this venture, Jasper continued to persevere with the promise of making wishes come true.

With the Wish Jeep beginning to truly take its shape, Jasper has connected with a variety of community supporters along the way who were excited to not only transform his Jeep, but also transform a child’s life through the power of a wish. The community supporters who have stepped up and leaned in to help with Jasper’s project proves not only that wishes can strengthen a child, but they can also strengthen a community.

It’s no secret that wish kids experience a bumpy ride on their medical journeys, but thanks to Jasper’s determined spirit, the funds raised through his Wish Jeep auction will promise local children that their life-changing wishes are much closer than they appear.


Learn more about the Harbor Freight Fellows program by visiting:

You can also follow along on the Wish Jeep's journey on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Or help by donating to his efforts through: Make a Wish or GoFundMe

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