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“There is just
something incredible
to be the member of a
group founded by the
most brave, bold,
badass women who
came before me. I try
to capture these
incredible women
in my paintings
because they inspire
me to continue their

Elliot's TGIF 2020-07-10

“Are you with me now?” AJ Ryder

The Miseducation of Education

Our Harbor Freight Fellows sessions at Summerfest featuring our Fellows Julie Torres, Fiona Nelson and Rakau Rocky Boikanyo were just amazing. Julie and Fiona were captivating. We went from building Tiny Homes to airplane maintenance in hangers to a metal shop in Oakland. People stayed long after the sessions were over. Rocky’s session included a live tour of the shop where he and his mentor Brian work. Rocky took out some of his metal art and a discussion ensued on where crafts, art and trades merge. In all of these conversations and demonstrations, it was apparent that our Fellows and mentors use of language can only come from having done and knowing how to do work well. That’s what tacit learning can educate the system on.

HFFI White Paper WITH

​Over the past four years, HFFI has demonstrated that when students are given the support and opportunity as well as the financial incentive to connect with communities of practice centered on their needs and interests, they thrive and flourish. What happens time and time again is that many students who may have been detached, bored or disillusioned in school become active and engaged learners who develop the competencies that educators, parents, employers and communities want for all graduates.


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