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Fellow Julie Torres

Fellow Julie Torres

Harbor Freight Tools For Schools

Harbor Freight Tools for Schools is proud to share two first-of-their-kind studies about skilled trades education in American public high schools. Some key findings:
At least 1 million students study skilled trades in high school.
8 in 10 voters favor increased public funding for skilled trades education and think it should be a priority in high school.
8 in 10 parents say their children would be better prepared for a career if they had a chance to study a trade in high school.

As we all navigate the challenges, losses and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic—and as skilled tradespeople have been formally declared “essential” to our nation and economy—we believe that high school skilled trades education could become a strategic piece of the recovery, to help our country build and rebuild lives and livelihoods.
We hope you will join us in considering that question, and all the ideas and information contained in these studies.
Let's fix this—together.