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Our Measures

Interest, Practice, and Relationships


We measure our Fellows’ success by the depth of their interest, the practical skills they develop, and the relationships formed around their interest and work.

These are the elements that combine to provide a satisfying and fulfilling life. 

Fellow Victor  Ambriz and HVAC mentors W

Fellow Victor Ambriz from The North Bay Met School in Windsor, CA is shown presenting a project his Fellowship site had him construct.  Moore HVAC is the premier vendor in the Santa Rosa area and needed a display mock up of their systems capability for trade shows.  Victor designed and built this mini-home to display heating and air conditioning systems and controls and photovoltaic integration after working on all these at real job sites.  


The confidence and self respect he gained with Moore has made a huge difference in his life.  Victor is now completing his second year as a full time and valued employee of Moore HVAC.

The Most Relevant Measure of All...

Over 40% of Fellows are hired immediately by their mentors or other employers, and the vast majority of the rest pursue further training in their trade through community college or industry programs. 


Reflections from Fellows


“I have improved myself personally, mentally, and physically…. I have noticed that my daily habits have changed, and I have been getting more positive results than I did in the past.”

“My interest for the trade has only gotten stronger since I started [the fellowship].”

“I have met so many different people such as customers, other local business employers.”

* Darche, S., and Miskell, R. C. (2019). Harbor Freight Fellowship Initiative: An Evaluation of the Fellowship Initiative. San Francisco, CA: WestEd. WestEd is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research, development, and service agency that works with education and other communities throughout the United States and abroad to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. WestEd has more than a dozen offices nationwide, from Massachusetts, Vermont, Georgia, and Washington, DC, to Arizona and California, with headquarters in San Francisco.

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