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Elliot Washor's TGIF "Are you with me now?" 02.25.22

Although I try to give the image and the word good space in my TGIFs, this week’s TGIF is a bit different with more space devoted to the image than a word.

“Everything depends on the situation and the terrain” On Monday this B-U team met in Balboa Park in San Diego to figure out the next steps of B-U. Can’t tell you how great it is that we are once again meeting face-to0face bringing in Project InSight Fellows, Harbor Freight Fellows, BPL k-8 initiative, Maritime and Waterfront opportunities and an Entrepreneurial program into the B-U fold.

And, later on in the week….

Here’s Maceo Hart-Kapic an alum of Sac Met on his regenerative farm, (H &K Farms), he

started the farm when he was at Sac Met. Yesterday, he gave a talk with me and Pam at Blue Door Education Center, a youth development organization about how his dream of a farm came true and started with his entrepreneurial spirit at Sac Met. There were about 30 youth at Blue Door interested in B-U along with some very interested parents. It was wonderful to reconnect with Maceo. I’m sure he will get involved with the BPL Alumni group.


The Negative Effects of Pizza

Here’s a you-tube from a student’s exhibition at Odyssey on The Negative Effects of Pizza. The surprise use of Legos floored me. And from Down Under.

Viv sent me this story of a student at a BPL school in Australia busy at work on his fishing lure business. The lures when complete will sell for $200 a pop.


“We can’t do that because we’re already doing it.”

Every week, I run into regulations about why things can’t be done in schools or after school. Here are a few ironies in the fire for this week that show how our world was and continues to be one where you have to make good trouble and break the rules that bind us.

Maria Mitchell – The first astrophysicist “When Maria Mitchell began teaching at Vassar College as the only woman on the faculty, the college handbook mandated that neither she nor her female students were allowed outside after nightfall — a somewhat problematic dictum, given she was hired to teach astronomy. She overturned the handbook and overwrote the curriculum, creating the country’s most ambitious science syllabus, soon copied by other universities — including the all-male Harvard, which had long dropped its higher mathematics requirement past the freshman year.”


From Ireland

Cian Foley, who at the age of 15 is the proud owner of Cian’s Cakes, started selling cakes outside the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Glounthaune at the age of 12. Most of his friends asked if they could come and work for me but that’s not possible at the moment because even though they are his age, they are all underage.


Lots of meetings this week that are leading somewhere include: Time with Amy Gerstein about B-Unbound, The IBPLC, and bpliving. Amy is a long-time friend who is Executive Director of the John Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford. Time with Jeff Davis, Executive Director of California Afterschool Network – CAN.

Time with Joe Youcha around our work of new forms/new measures credential in the

Skilled Trades

And, on the fly at some ungodly hour at the San Diego Airport, Karla and CJax caught up with me to do a Cup of Joy episode. I had a blast.


Happy Black History Month

A fitting ending to Black History Month is making history with President Biden’s Supreme Court selection of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. As Stacey Abrams stated, it is a "proud day for all Americans of good conscience."

Enjoy the weekend.


Elliot Washor

Co-Founder of Big Picture Learning

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