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Elliot Washor's TGIF "Are you with me now?" 1.14.2021

“Every day, reality eats strategic plans for lunch.” – David Abel

This week, lots of photos were coming my way. Please keep ‘em comin’.

Frosty the Puppet

For me, this first one from Fannie Lou’s TGIF is just priceless. I saw it right after an exchange with Frank Wilson this past Sunday morning about a research paper done on puppetry that referenced Frank’s work from The Hand. Through making and performing with objects, a narrative is developed that brings the object into being. I can go on and on about the beauty of this moment that happened at Fannie Lou Hamer School where ‘Frosty’ is brought in from the outside.

Next, here’s a photo of our students from the Met on their nine-week voyage that will finish on March 8, 2022, in Mobile, Alabama. Students from both Proctor High School and the Met, both of Providence, RI, will explore the historic roots of southern ports, and the open waters in between. While in Charleston, SC they were part of a workshop on the Middle Passage. This voyage is leading the way to both future voyages like this one as well as opening up the world of work on the water to more students.

“We were born with a gift. No one taught us.” Natalia

In her TGIF today, Anthonette made reference to Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis on Netflix. It was just a week ago when she told me about it. I watched the 4-part series on: and Love; Dreams Struggle; and Work. This is some great filming that takes us all over the world into the lives of mostly both ordinary and extraordinary elders where in many cases, they live in very remote and/or war-torn regions. There’s so much to discuss here for all of us. Everyone will have their share of their most meaningful segments and moments. The series also has many overarching themes. Most of the time they are not directly stated but just presented. Here are a few:

All of the people highlighted are elders but all these elders are ‘listening’ to people younger than they are.

Many of the elders are engaged in what they are doing through their hands and bodies. In Work, we meet a midwife from Mexico, a shoemaker from Vietnam, a chef from Israel, and a weaver and designer from Nigeria. BTW, none have certifications. Hmmm?

Thanks, Anthonette for sharing. I’m all in on you getting a group together to share.


On Wednesday evening, I was invited into a workgroup on the IBPLC. Lots came out of the meeting. One takeaway was with the IBPLC we are addressing: Not… How good is this student? But rather… How is this student good? Another was a discussion, about students signing off on their work with a maker’s mark or a signature. This is a big deal. This is ownership. In Ireland, when a deal is done, people first spit into their hands and then shake. This puts hand and mouth together to “Seal the deal.” Although I like the idea of the spit and shake that might be too much for most, shouldn’t every student sign-off on the quality of their work instead of just a sign-off from a teacher, a principal, or a mentor? Now, self-assessment is part of the process. This was part of our lively discussion with our Australian colleagues around the IBPLC.


A Seat at the Table

The third episode of Health Inequities & Education hosted by Dr. Danique Dolly and Dr. Marsha-Gail Davis will be this Tuesday, January 18th. This one will feature our students who have been involved in developing BPLiving through their interests from all around the country and the world. These students are driving change in their lives, schools, homes, and communities. Tune in.


Martin Luther King Day

“Everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” MLK –

Monday is Martin Luther King Day and the celebration of his life could not come at a better time to remind us about governments, race relations and so much more. A week or so ago, I read and now reread his Letter from Birmingham Jail. The quote above of Dr. King’s is excerpted from that letter where he discusses so much that is as relevant today as when he wrote it.

“MLK Day is not a day off, it is a day on” – I’m doing my service

For in peace, our hearts will sing Thanks to Martin Luther King” Stevie Wonder’s Birthday Song

Happy Birthday!

--- Elliot Washor Co-Founder of Big Picture Learning

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