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Elliot Washor: Are you with me now? 2.5.21

Pele to her sister Hi’iaka - “Go, the sustenance you’ll need lies ahead.” This is a saying a new friend Aaron showed me at my first meeting on Hawaii. It fits for the BPL journey ahead. Being in the act gives you the strength. Great discussion today on 1619 Project and what BPL does next.

Ever try to work with mittens on?

This week, Beth Zoomed in some Harbor Freight Fellows from Vermont to continue our process of weekly interviews with HFF’s. I couldn’t resist conjuring up the image of Vermont’s Senator Bernie and his mittens. How would these students who learn with their hands do wearing mittens all the time? Ever try and do any work with mittens on? Yep, they keep you warm and if you are a boxer they protect your hands not to mention someone’s face. Come to think of it, why are mittens called Boxing Gloves and not Boxing Mittens? Thank God for the opposable thumb or mittens would be entirely useless for our Fellows. This whole notion of wearing mittens got me thinking, isn’t that what schools do all the time to students? Aren’t they always putting mittens on them so, they can’t learn or do much except in limited ways? Perhaps Bernie feels the same way about being a Senator in the Senate. Bernie, take the mittens off and time for us to take ‘em off in school as well.

We are getting online to get offline – HFF work

Here’s a few of those pieces from our HFFellows. First, this is from Jayden’s blog“I am Jayden Bedard, son of Chad Bedard, the Owner of Bedard Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. My Father is a 4th generation HVACR tech, which makes me a 5th generation tech. I have worked with him ever since I could walk and hold a wrench. We work together every day of the week across Northern Vermont. I am currently taking night class for HVACR to become EPA certified and to learn more about the new technology coming into the field. I plan to take over the family business and continue the tradition.”

Jayden’s got the mittens and the gloves off.

From Only Theory to Practice – Feh!

From Miranda

“The more I know the more I want to do it. Books? They do it the way its theoretical but doesn’t translate to the practice. On the job if, a thing doesn’t work and you make adjustments you have to adjust other things.”

On using and building social capital – There are so many interesting people at such a small airport. There is varying expertise. People fix aircraft and they remodel aircraft..

I’m doing a documentary series on young aviators and mechanics.

Update on Julie. Torres

“I officially completed my Harbor Freight Fellowship, and now I continue to work with George as his apprentice. I learn something new everyday and I love it. Recently, some of my projects included installing fasteners for the cowl of N7119Y and gluing on anti-chafe seals. In the two pictures, I captured the before and after shots of when I installed a new garter filter on N5847U. I really enjoy working with my hands and I am happy to be a part of this amazing community. Thank you to everyone who had been helping me along my journey.”

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