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Why Now?


Good health and well-being for many can prove elusive. Research shows that nearly
90% of debilitating health conditions are completely preventable
. They are based on environmental and lifestyle choices. Only about 10% of ailments are truly genetic in nature. In the face of COVID-19, we have witnessed deadly disparities in our approach to healthcare for our most vulnerable populations. This must change.

Support is NOW Here

So, what to do? The good news is everyone can make often very simple lifestyle choices that will, over time, have dramatic, transformational impact on one’s health, well-being and security.   


Of course, the earlier those changes in lifestyle can be established, the greater the chance we will transform the next generation’s future prospects.  And, in the process, we will help retool healthcare that serves ALL - not just those that can afford it.  

In support of that vision, Big Picture Living is a new initiative to provide a game-changing approach to health and well-being at Big Picture schools around the globe. Big Picture Living will feature this expanding website of trusted resources, research and online tools, as well as a student-facing mobile app now in development with support from Big Picture schools and students.

Big Picture Living

  • support all students to live healthy, productive and meaningful lives of their own design

  • provide support from caring advisors and mentors 

  • ensure a foundation for students’ pursuit of whatever opportunities help them realize their greatest fulfillment. 

Following one of Big Picture’s Learning Goals - Personal Qualities, our schools address the whole person—mind, body, and heart—by promoting a healthy lifestyle as part of of their personal development as members of their local and global communities.

"One of the greatest risks to our children’s future is their own health ... So we need to take this issue seriously, as seriously as improving underachieving schools ... or any of the other issues that we know are devastating our communities."

- First Lady Michelle Obama

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