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  • Charlie Plant

HFFI Reaches Across South Carolina!

I'd like to thank South Carolina U.S. Senator Tim Scott's Charleston Regional Director, Al Jenkins (on the right), for the generous use of his time to talk about the opportunities the Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative has brought, and will continue to bring to South Carolina youth.

Leon Burgess (in the middle), long time Principal of Lake City SC's Career Center, and I met with Al recently. Leon, is also the President of South Carolina's Association for Career and Technical Education this year, and a good friend.

In the past five years, HFFI has worked with 20 schools across the state, and brought over $200,000 in resources to its youth and communities. A new pilot of 13 Fellows at Donaldson Career Center in Greenville is keeping the ball rolling. Here are Leland Blankenship, the Center's Principal, Stella Grove, the district's Work Based Learning Coordinator and I at the Center recently.

Included are two clips of interviews with two CTE teachers at the Center that underscore the value and necessity of getting youth out of the school and into the professional community.

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