For Fellows (Students)

​If you are a student who is nominated to become a Harbor Freight Fellow:

  • You will receive an email with a link to submit an application

  • Complete the application with your Advisor’s help   

  • Once an application is submitted it will be evaluated, and you will be notified by email that you are either accepted, declined or deferred

If accepted you will receive an e-mail with links to submit the following forms:

  • W-9 – we cannot release a check without this

  • Media Release – allows us to place photos, videos etc on our website

  • Fellowship Agreement (to be completed once a Mentor is identified)

  • ImBlaze enrollment – Big Picture’s internship management platform


All the above must be completed before the 120 hours of the Fellowship can begin.

Finding A Mentor


You should work with the Advisor to find an appropriate Mentor. A Mentor may be a known contact to your Advisor, school community, or within your own personal network. A Mentor may also be someone you and Advisor are meeting for the first time.  


Set-Up Meeting and Fellowship Agreement


The Fellow, Advisor, and Mentor meet in person or virtually to discuss the terms of the Fellowship and complete the Fellowship Agreement. At this meeting, the ​Harbor Freight Fellowship Agreement​ is used to set goals, expectations and exchange logistics (e.g., scheduling and means for communication). 

Julie Torres and mentor working on an ai
Cristal Ramirez - EZ Electric-2.JPG
Fellow Victor  Ambriz and HVAC mentors W

ImBlaze Student App

Use the ImBlaze App to record each day’s attendance at the Fellowship site, and to track progress. ImBlaze logs hours and captures real-time data on student goals, learning, and interest in the Fellowship.

Download IOS App

Download Android App


For help with ImBlaze, contact:

Anthonette Pena

Wrap-Up and Reflect


Please complete the Post Fellowship Survey upon completion of the Fellowship A presentation including a formal reflection on the experience, a celebration, and sharing gratitude are all encouraged. Scholarships and stipends will be distributed upon the receipt of final documentation for the Fellowship.

Reflections from Fellows*:

·  “I have improved myself personally, mentally, and physically…. I have noticed that my daily habits have changed, and I have been getting more positive results than I did in the past.”

·  “My interest for the trade has only gotten stronger since I started [the fellowship].”

·  “I have met so many different people such as customers, other local business employers.”